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Each leg of the Root Cathedral allows visitors to explore interior spaces and climb to a variety of balconies and viewing platforms. At the ground level, an intimate space for sharing secrets leads explorers to climb upwards to a balcony at 15 ft and the intrepid to continue upwards to a viewing deck at 40’ above the playa.


Orienting and moving an untethered object through real space controls visuals in real time.  Using these objects, participants can explore a virtual object or space, using a literal and intuitive interaction.  As the object is rotated and moved, lighting and mapped visuals rotate in synch.


In addition to the exploration of the climbing interaction and sharing of space underneath the canopy, during the day the spatial sound component creates a multi-layered sonic experience. The same interactive tech that controls the lighting during the night allows visitors to warp the sound within the space during the day. Proximity sensors are activated to influence the 16 channel sound when your presence is detected by the "interactivity brain"



Although this is not in scope for 2019, we hope to design audio-visual components to create a spectacle after dark with the projections, interior lighting and sound components working together to form a harmonious aesthetic. Object manipulation, heart rate monitors and touch sensors allow visitors to control the A/V experience for themselves and the public, synching the bio-rhythms and actions of the community.

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