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Seven Flowers is excited to showcase  our music producers and DJs' contributions - your offerings will be experienced at the grand scale of the playa !  

Featured Artists


Meditative, tranquil & ceremonial soundscape that features native flute, haunting vocals, tongue drum, & other organic and electronic sounds; meant to offer reprieve & realignment for those seeking oasis in the dust, and to ultimately support your evolution, journey, transformation.


Arula and Nick Johnson


Matt Nicholson & Michelle Hodnet create therapeutic musical sound art journeys into the depths. We strive to connect people everywhere through immersive and expansive sound odysseys designed for horizontal or meditative pilgrimage.

Sound Bath In Nine Movements

Nicholson and Belle

carson selesti.jpg

In this piece, you are invited to move within a virtual choir--one whose members sound quite different from each other, bringing different tone qualities to the local and global environments. 

I Will Ring With You

Carson Sestili

josh miller.png

A sound bath to connect with marine life. Josh has travelled across five continents on a musical journey, absorbing some of the world's oldest ceremonial traditions from India, Indonesia, Cuba and Australia. 

Sounds of the Ocean

Joshua Miller


An ethereal journey throughout space and time, invoking a sense of wonderment and cosmic mystery.Angie Jacobsen is a classically trained pianist venturing into modern rock and  new age keyboards. David Ballon is a long-time touring and studio guitarist who now spends his time weaving cosmic guitar tapestries in the galactic rock band 6 Speed Supernova. Joan Torres is an accomplished Jazz and Rock Bass player and composer, currently fronting the critically acclaimed jazz ensemble, Joan Torres’ All Is Fused.

Rite of Passage

Angie Jacobsen, David Balon, Joan Torres

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