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 The San Francisco Bay Area, the birthplace of the Burning Man project, has been the site of human exploration through technology and spirituality . Recent developments in biofeedback sensor technology  such as Heart Math and spiritual practices such as sensory awareness and meditation, including neuroscientist Sam Harris' Waking Up have inspired this confluence of art, awareness and technology. Seven Flowers(SF), truly a child of San Francisco (SF). 



The Seven Flowers


Crown (7th chakra): 1000 petaled white lotus (snake). Cosmic consciousness, Bliss



Third Eye (6th chakra): 2 petaled indigo lotus (winged circle). Intuition, Wisdom




Throat (5th) chakra : 16 petaled blue lotus (circle). Communication, Learning



Heart (4th) chakra: 12 petaled green lotus (6 pointed star). Love, Humanity




Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra: 10 petaled yellow lotus (triangle). Power, Self Control

Sacral (2nd) chakra: 6 petaled orange lotus (Crescent Moon). Sensuality, Creativity


Root (1st) chakra:   4 petaled red lotus (Square). Vitality, Safety, Home

“The Seer sees beyond the binary of secular and sacred, pointing us toward the holy in the mundane.”

Care of Souls. Artwork by Miles Toland

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