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The mission of Seven Flowers is to co-create an interactive, real time spatial audio experience  at Burning Man 2019. We hope to do this by taking individuals' touch and movements and mapping them onto a spatial sound enabled audioscape. Our project is inspired by sacred geometries and vibrational frequencies of the seven chakras (orbs of light) , of which we hope to represent the throat chakra in this initial prototype.


We share the planet, our genetic code and the immersive environment of  the dusty playa.  Now, we can come together as artists to realize that the creative potential of the collective.  In the words of Eckhart Tolle, "The next Buddha is the sangha (community)". We hope to create fleeting art forms that represent beauty in impermanence, a metaphor for Burning Man and life itself. 


In the video, you can see our host camp , The Root Society which is based on the banyan tree where the Buddha reached enlightenment. This will serve as a restorative chill space during Burning Man where we hope to share our audio offerings. 

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